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Theatrical Trailer

Our theatrical trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson

Teaser Trailer

Our original teaser trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson

A nod to Bill Watterson

Jef Mallet's tribute to Watterson

The First 3rd

The first third of an unfinished edit of Dear Mr. Watterson, all in 10 seconds

The Success of Calvin & Hobbes

Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) shares his theory about what makes for a successful comic strip character

Bill Amend & FoxTrot

Cartoonist Bill Amend shares his connection to Calvin & Hobbes

Fireside Book Shop

An introduction to Chagrin Falls' local and independent bookstore, which is a part of Watterson lore

Watterson Editorial

A Chagrin Falls resident shares an editorial cartoon that Watterson drew in the early 80s

Defining Calvin & Hobbes

Cartoonist Jan Eliot (Stone Soup) is tasked with the uneasy job of explaining Calvin & Hobbes

The Calvin Lab

A peek at our process of shooting insert footage for Dear Mr. Watterson

The Ethicator

A Fan Favorite

Technological Changes

Cartoonist Dan Piraro (Bizarro) talks about the changes in cartooning in the years he's been on the job

"Dear Mr. Watterson"

Cartoonist Tony Cochrane (Agnes) shares his letter to Bill Watterson

Farmer John

A Fan Favorite

"A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas"

Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie put together quite an impressive tribute to Watterson's snow goons

"Happy Birthday, Calvin"

Robot Chicken's homage/parady of Calvin & Hobbes

Looking for Calvin & Hobbes

Author Nevin Martell is featured in Dear Mr. Watterson, and this is his book about Watterson and Calvin & Hobbes

"Massive Calvin and Hobbes time lapse painting"

Dear Mr. Watterson on BYOD

An interview with director Joel Allen Schroeder on TheLipTV's "BYOD" show

"Calvin and Hobbes animation"

Animated by Adam Brown

"Calvin and Hobbes dance"

Animated by Adam Brown

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